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Professor Marie Lall is a South Asia expert (India, Pakistan and Burma/Myanmar) specialising in politics and education

She currently serves as UCL's Pro-Vice-Provost for South Asia (including Myanmar)

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The public sector…

Click here for public profile as a public sector specialist including ministerial briefings, press appearance and shaping of foreign policy in Pakistan, India and Myanmar


Click here for details on her work on India since 1993. She now spends on average 4 month a year in the South Asian region.


The private sector…

Click here for transnational work and briefings carried out in Pakistan, India and Myanmar in the following sectors - energy, education, security and governance


Marie has worked on Pakistan since 2003 and spends a substantial amount of time in the field. Click here for details on her projects



Click here for teaching record, courses, publications, reports and consultancy, invited conferences and international fellowships


Click here for details on her work on Burma/Myanmar since 2005. Information on the Burma/Myanmar Elections.

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