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Professor Marie Lall, FRSA is a South Asia expert (India, Pakistan and Burma/Myanmar) specialising in political issues (with regard to the economy, geopolitics of energy, foreign policy formulation, citizenship and Diaspora politics) and education (with specific regard to policy, gender, ethnicity and conflict, the formation of national identity and its close links with citizenship). She has over 23 years of experience in the region, conducting extensive fieldwork and has lived both in India and Pakistan. She has written widely on these topics and is the author/editor of 6 books and a monograph.

Prof Lall has advised the German Ministry for Development and the Head of the German Foreign Relations Committee, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Chinese, Canadian, French, and Norwegian ministerial/embassy staff on India, Pakistan and Myanmar. From 2012 to 2014 she was AUSAID’s senior education advisor for fragile states (Myanmar). She is part of a team that trains the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s South Asia team. She is recognised in the UK as a country expert by the Asylum and Immigration Court. She is also an education advisor to The Citizens Foundation (TCF), Pakistan and Myanmar Egress.

She has been a consultant, provided training and organised multi stakeholder dialogues in Myanmar for the following organisations: British Council; EU and IMG; World Bank, UNICEF, Shalom Foundation, AUSAID, DAI, IISS, NBR (Washington DC, USA) and DFID UK. She has delivered 3 policy briefs on education, citizenship and the legitimacy of the peace process to the President’s Office in Myanmar.

She appears regularly on BBC News 24/ BBC World, Sky TV, Aljazeera TV and BBC Radio (World Service) and gives interviews on politics and international relations in South Asia. She is often cited in the international press. Some significant appearances were Aljazeera’s Inside Story on Anna Hazare (2011), the Ayodhya verdict (2010), BBC World Service – ‘The World Today’ 2 hour programme on Pakistan (2009) and the Riz Khan Show after the Mumbai attacks (2008). Her non academic speaking engagements include keynote addresses at the Suntory Foundation, Osaka; the Heinrich Boell Stiftung, Berlin; the House of Lords; and the European Commission.

She is a Professor in Education and South Asian Studies at the UCL Institute of Education. She is an honorary fellow at the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore, a consultant member at IISS, and was an associate fellow on the Asia Programme at Chatham House till August 2011. She has held a number of fellowships and visiting positions at world renowned universities in Japan, Australia, Germany, India and Pakistan.

She received her MPhil from Cambridge in 1993 and her PhD from the London School of Economics in 1999.

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